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Car Cover Silk™ - Italian Classic

Car Cover Silk™ - Italian Classic

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The Italian Doupioni material is interwoven with Lycra fibers that stretch in all directions.

This Silk™ cover clings to every contour of your vehicle. Our inner liner is a soft cotton fleece specifically designed not to abrade your finish or convertible top.

Every Car Cover is hand sewn to exacting dimensions. Please allow 8- 12 weeks for delivery from acceptance of your order.

Product Instructions

Installation, Care and Cleaning instructions are provided with each custom cover.


Every Car Cover is hand sewn to exacting dimensions.

What's Inside

Material: Italian Doupioni.

Did You Know

Doupioni is a plain weave silk fabric, produced using fine yarn in the warp and uneven yarn reeled from two or more entangled cocoons in the weft. This creates tightly woven yardage with a highly-lustrous surface and a crisp handle. This cover is blended with Lycra to stretch the Silk.

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