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ION™ - the EV Sealant Developed with Tesla to protect All EVs

ION™ - the EV Sealant Developed with Tesla to protect All EVs

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Get the long lasting protection you need with the only sealant created and fully tested for use on all Electric Vehicles, Zymöl ION.

Zymöl ION self-propelled mist was developed with Tesla. This EV sealant applies in seconds.

Electric vehicle owners all have the common question of how to protect their investment and Zymöl ION is the brilliant answer.


  • Brilliant, long-lasting, deep smooth shine
  • Applies in seconds
  • Works flawlessly on EVs and Hybrids
  • Factory Fresh - Handmade
  • Fights dirt and grime.
  • Eco-correct Self Propelled Sprayer
  • No CO2
  • 8oz refill included
  • 2 Microwipes™ included

Safe for: All Electric Vehicles

Product Instructions

Wash and Dry your EV to give ION a clean surface to bond to.

Replace the cap on the ION charge bottle with the Atomizer Pump.

Shake the bottle.

Mist evenly and heavily in areas 2 foot by 2 foot then let ION bond to the surface.

Wipe and buff gently with the clean included Microwipe.

Repeat in areas possibly missed.

NOTE: To use ION as a waterless car wash soak each 2x2 surface completely, wait 60 seconds then use one Microwipe to wipe the surface and a second Microwipe to Buff the surface.

Shelf life: One Bottle of Ion is one application at one time. Fresh for 18 months after opening. Store in a cool dry place.


Kit with full Self Propelled Sprayer, full Refill, 2 Microwipes and complete simple instructions.

What's Inside

Positive Ionic Wax using a hydrogen-bonded Carnauba/Lotus wax emulsion.

Did You Know

The 'Negative Charge' of the electric vehicle body attracts and holds Zymol's 'Positively Charged' ION wax coating. When the car is washed or exposed to rain the Positive Charged Ion bonding becomes active again. This reactivation increases surface protection and offers a self cleaning affect.

This established science means a cleaner, better protected car even during the worst weather and everyday use. ION only requires a single application to start and a light mist after the car has been washed.

Charles Bennett, CEO of Zymöl says, "After a decade of nano research and field testing, Zymöl has perfected ION. A Positive Ionic wax using a hydrogen bonded Carnauba and Lotus wax emulsion. This simply means a cleaner, better protected car with fewer applications and no work!"

The Zymöl Test Centre still has Tesla Body Parts.

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