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waxID Custom Car Care

Every car has a different history, a different daily exposure and a different care regimen. This is your opportunity to get a personalized wax custom made just for your Car.

With 200+ years of formulary expertise and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can have your very own Wax!

Your waxID Kit will contain a Custom Formula Wax created just for you and all of the primary Zymöl products in a Complete Kit that you need to give your car its ultimate protection and a brilliant shine.

Your Custom Formula will be serial number Identified and stored.

Product Instructions

Every waxID Kit will include separate instructions for each product.


Complete Kit Full Size Product Format

What's Inside

Your Custom Wax
Clear™ Auto Bathe
SiO2 HD-Cleanse™
Field Glaze™
Detail™ wax
Horse Hair wheel brush (1)
Detail brush (1)
Wax applicators (2)
100% cotton towel (1)
Micro-Wipe™ (1)
Pre-wax applicators (2)

In a virtually indestructible hard case made from 100% post-consumer plastics.

Did You Know

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