Zymöl in 1978 started with a challenge to protect restored Landau Carriages in Germany. The carriage's enamel paint over wood and clay made surfaced protection our ultimate challenge and goal.

After spending years looking for the right protective formula, we did find the simple answer in the gifts of nature.

We converted plant oils and their derivatives. Then, the formulas were enhanced with coconut, banana, cocoa butter, and carnauba.

To make this an "enZYMatic emOLient" mixture, we directly applied the tools of the mighty Honey-Bee; Propolis mixed with Diastase and Invertase. This powerful reagent cocktail converts fats and oils in to wax.

We have looked to find new ways to protect the ecology since we started. Using recycled plastics to make containers and recycled paper for packing material.

Our ingredients won the e-2000 Award and the hearts of over 20 million people.

The rest is history!