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Rouge™ Seal - Red Paint Correcting Sealant

Rouge™ Seal - Red Paint Correcting Sealant

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Rouge™ Seal assists the Professional in advanced color correction of non-metallic red painted vehicles. Suitable for all single stage red paints!

This is a Professional product.

Product Instructions

Wash and dry the car using Zymöl Clear™ Auto Bathe or Auto Wash or Titanium Wash.

HD-Cleanse™ the surface to assure 100% wax bonding.

Using the included Gloves and Zymöl Wax Applicator™, apply a very small amount of wax onto a 2ft x 2ft surface in an even coat with side-to-side motions.

Using a Zymöl Microwipe™, with light pressure, slowly wipe the wax in the opposite direction once, affirming a uniform coverage. Wait for 3-4 minutes.

With medium pressure, slowly rub the surface.

Turn your Microwipe™ and wipe slowly to crystalize the wax to a deep shine. Let the wax cure 30-45 minutes.


Item No.112 - 8 ounces - 226g in Zymöl Patented Self Sealing Container

What's Inside

White and yellow carnauba, 38% by volume (90% white, 10% yellow), Montan Oil, Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Propolis( derived from bees), Cetyl Esters, Cetyl cocamide (Derived from coconut oil), and proprietary natural colorants.

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