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Music Protection for Professional or Home Studio Kit

Music Protection for Professional or Home Studio Kit

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Every Home Studio needs a way to care for it's instruments. The most abuse an instrument gets is from the salt and sweat delivered to it by it's player.

For years Zymöl has supplied the makers of the world's finest instruments including the leading luthiers with the essential fresh ingredient products necessary for their exacting construction.

Now you can get separate products or the Kit that contains everything you need to maintain, protect and enhance your studio instruments.

Product Instructions

Each Product contains specific easy application directions. Be sure to follow all directions to the letter.


Bridge - 4oz.
GBCb - 4oz.
Edge - 12oz.
GBC# - 4oz.
Solo- 12oz.

What's Inside

Kit Contains:
Bridge, GBCd, GBC #, Edge, Solo, Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner, Vinyl Cleaner, Vinyl Conditioner, Detail Brush, Duster, Microwipes and Microwipe Applicators

Did You Know

Loose Frets are because the bacteria in your hands is eating the Fret Board Wood.

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