SiO2 Cleaner Wax™ - Quick 1 Step Cleaner and Wax

SiO2 Cleaner Wax™ - Quick 1 Step Cleaner and Wax

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Easily clean and polish your car with Zymol Cleaner Wax™. This SiO2 formula repairs minor paint scratches while protecting your finish with liquid Carnauba.

Cleaner Wax can be applied with Zymol Applicator and buffed with a Zymol Microwipe.


  • Brilliant Shine
  • Freshly derived oils
  • Amazing Smell
  • Factory Fresh - Handmade

Safe for:  All paint types, Light or dark colors

Product Instructions

Wash car using Zymöl Auto Wash™ as directed.

Shake the bottle thoroughly. Use a clean applicator. Apply with an even back and forth motion, rubbing well onto the paint finish. Do one section at a time (2'x2').

For best results, remove excess polish before it dries by buffing lightly with a clean Zymöl Microwipe™. Do not use in direct sunlight or if the surface is hot to the touch.

For maximum gloss and shine, lightly spray cool, clean water on a freshly polished finish and buff with a clean Zymöl Microwipe. A light spray of water will "set" and level the Carnauba for a more brilliant shine. For maximum protection, apply a minimum of 3-4 times annually.

Not intended for vinyl, wood or simulated wood, metalised plastic, decals or flat paint.

Shelf life:
18 months after opening. Store in a cool dry place.


Item No.Z503 - 20 Ounces -566g in Zymöl 70% PCR Custom Bottle

What's Inside

Contains #1 Yellow Carnauba 12, Bees
Wax 3%, Kaolin Clay, Almond Meal,
SiO2 Nano Crystals, Shea Nut Butter,
Coconut Oil, Propolis (derived from
Bees), Glycerl Stearate, Cetyl Esters,
Cetyl Cocoamide (derived from coconut oil) and FD&C Blue #1.

Did You Know

Cleaner Wax is rated No.1 by the leading consumer watchdogs and is the first true cleaner/wax combination. This is the world's only gentle, water based, non solvent Cleaner Wax.

Uniform SiO2 sub-micro-polishing agents clean and repair minor paint blemishes, scratches and abrasions without petrol solvents while imparting a brilliant coat of Carnauba and Beeswax to protect your finish.

Nature has incredible gifts, and SiO2 is one of them. We have re-formulated Cleaner Wax to take advantage of protective nano-Carnauba and the brilliant polishing hardness of SiO2.

"After a year of tedious sourcing, reformulation, formula testing and stability assurance, Zymöl Cleaner Wax now applies easier, cleans better and feels like glass with a longer lasting brilliant shine" says Laura Robinson, President of Zymöl.

Over 20 million enthusiasts have trusted Cleaner Wax for almost 30 years!

Si02 nano particles can not be seen without a microscope yet they polish incredibly.

Not intended for vinyl, wood or simulated wood, metalized plastic, decals or flat paint.

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