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Ceramid™ . . . Beyond Ceramic

Ceramid™ . . . Beyond Ceramic

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Protect your car’s finish from environmental damage with Zymol Céramid™! Go beyond ceramic and get the spray that is easy to apply and bonds to all finishes.

Céramid is not meant to be used over any wax or glaze.

One application requires an entire single Céramid bottle.

Due to popularity this product runs out of stock often.


  • Factory Fresh – Handmade
  • Easy to Apply
  • Long Lasting High Gloss Shine
  • Protective Layer

Safe for: All Paint Finishes, Clear Coats, Exterior Plastic, Exterior Glass (not Windshield)

Not for use on Leather, or Convertible Tops

Reapply: Yearly

Product Instructions

Wash the car with Zymöl Auto Wash or Titanium Wash.

Shake Ceramid very well. Spray evenly onto a warm (not hot) clean surface.

Let stand for 30-60 seconds, then wipe with a Zymöl Microwipe.

Note: Do not use on heavily soiled, oxidised or porous finishes. Not for convertible tops.

Shelf life: One application requires a full Céramid bottle. Fresh for 18 months after opening. Store in a cool dry place.


Item No.Z545 - 8 Ounces -237ml in Zymöl Lockable Non-Drip Metered Spray Bottle

What's Inside

A high density, self-bonding concentrate of water, Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Jojoba Seed Oil, Rice Carbomer, Carnauba Copolymer, Lactic Acid, L-Arginine, Ceramide Lipids, Coconut Oil and Xanthan Gum that creates a renewable cell membrane of eukaryotic cells.

Did You Know

Céramid is a base and final coat for bonded paint protection. This ceramide rich formula bonds instantly to all finishes and imparts a brilliant protective layer.

The result of multi-generational formulas that exceed any current Ceramic products.

Céramid is a high density, self-bonding concentrate that creates a renewable cell membrane of eukaryotic cells without hard work or intense buffing.

This lipid based product provides an easy to apply barrier to environmental paint damage. A simple car wash and a thorough cleaning is all that is needed to prepare the car for a Céramid application.

Céramid can be applied without any experience or tools.

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