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Cartridge™ - Reines Water Replacement Cartridge

Cartridge™ - Reines Water Replacement Cartridge

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The Reines Water Filtration System contains a perfect filter Cartridge that is guaranteed to perform for 24 months with simple care. Each filter cartridge is manufactured with exacting tolerances to keep your Reines Water System operating like new at every use.

Each filter cartridge is rechargeable for up to 24 months and should be re-charged every 30 days.

When your water no longer runs clear it is time to replace the filter Cartridge.

Product Instructions

Cleaning and re-charging your filter cartridge is simple and requires no work.

Drop 1 Reines Water Recharge Pak into a 5-gallon pail of warm water.

Soak your filter for 24 hours.

Return the filter to your Reines Water Filter housing.

Rinse your filter for 3 minutes by running water through the filter.

Your Cartridge will need replacing after continual daily use for 24 Months.

Unscrew the filter base from the top, remove and replace the current filter Cartridge.


Item No. RW111 Custom Sized Flow Filter Cartridge

What's Inside

Rechargeable Filter Cartridge

Did You Know

Clean water rolls off in sheets.

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