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Wheel Brush™ - Easy to use and Lifetime Guaranteed

Wheel Brush™ - Easy to use and Lifetime Guaranteed

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Safely clean your wheels without scratching or damaging the finish with the Lifetime Guaranteed Zymol Wheel Brush™.

For the ultimate wheel and tire treatment, Clean wheels and tires with Brite™ Wheel Cleaner using a Zymol Wheel Brush, apply Zymol Wheel Coat to wheels, and finish with applying Zymol Tyre to your tires.


  • Certificate of Registration*
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Soft Horse Hair bristles
  • Will Not Scratch Wheels
  • 13” Solid Delrin® Handle
  • 2.75” Heavy Tampico Head
  • Epox-Pressure Secure Delrin® Ferrule
  • Easy to use 45 Degree Angle

Safe for: All Wheels and Polished Brite-work

We are so sure that you will love this brush, we Guaranteed it for Life!

*Please send your Certificate of Registration back to us to officially register your Wheel Brush for the Lifetime Warranty. We will replace any broken or defective Wheel Brush. Customer is responsible for all shipping.

    Product Instructions

    Use to safely Deep Clean your Wheels


    Item No.402 - 13" x 2.75"

    What's Inside

    13” Solid Delrin® Handle.

    2.75” Heavy Tampico Head.

    Epox-Pressure Secure Delrin® Ferrule at easy to use 45 Degree Angle

    Did You Know

    This is the last Wheel brush you will ever buy! The Zymol Wheel Brush makes cleaning your wheels safe and easy!

    The tip of the Wheel Brush is angled at 45 Degrees making it comfortable to hold and the 13 in handle makes reaching your wheels easy without hurting your back.

    Machined out of solid Delrin® and without a metal ferrule, the Zymöl Wheel Brush is designed to deep clean and never scratch the delicate finish of your wheels or any polished brightwork.

    This Brush protects your wheels and your back !

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