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Vintage™ - Refill Process

Vintage™ - Refill Process

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This is your Factory process for;

  1. Inspection,
  2. Cleaning,
  3. Polishing,
  4. Sterilizing,
  5. Filling,
  6. Packing,
  7. Insuring and
  8. Shipping

your Vintage™ container directly back to you.

Please be sure you package your Vintage completely for a safe return to us.

We will use fresh clean packaging to return your Vintage to you.

This process can take up to 20 days.

Product Instructions

Package and Insure Your Vintage for filling return to the Factory completely and safely to prevent shipping damage or loss.


20lb container in a minimum 100lb test box with packing material to prevent damage.

What's Inside

Your Vintage Glaze container to be refilled.

Did You Know

The majority of Vintage containers are owned by individual collectors.

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