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Towel™ - Pure Cotton

Towel™ - Pure Cotton

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Not all towels are created equal. Every domestically made towel is washed several times by the manufacturer to remove excess dye. Unfortunately, this leaves the towel looking limp and used. So, manufacturers then "size" the towel and make it look more attractive and new again. this "Sizing" process uses a starch and silicone mixture that will contaminate your finish. Our Towel™ is never "sized."

    Product Instructions

    Towels should be washed in hot water with a small amount of mild, non-phosphate based laundry detergent.

    Rinse the towels twice in hot water (removes all soap) and cool machine dry (no pollutant exposure) without any fabric softener.


    Item No.501 16" x 27"

    What's Inside

    2 Towels per package

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