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Titanium Wash™ - Maximum Wash for Your SUV

Titanium Wash™ - Maximum Wash for Your SUV

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Titanium Wash™ is the ultimate hard-working car and SUV wash engineered to lift heavy dirt, road salts, oils, and insect tar while protecting your finish. A combination of pure Glycerin Soap, Fenugreek, and Burdock oils to wash the dirt away. This is a 20-ounce super concentrate. 

    Product Instructions

    Fill a clean wash bucket with 1 - 3 capfuls of Titanium wash and 5 gallons of cool water.

    Before applying wash, thoroughly rinse car, removing any loose dirt.

    Wash small sections at a time and rinse frequently.

    For best results wash with a Zymöl Sponge starting with the roof, then the trunk lid and hood, working your way down the car.

    Second towel should be used for fenders, lower door panels and grille.

    Give entire car a final rinse

    Towel dry


    Item No.Z155W - 20 Ounces - 591ml

    What's Inside

    Glycerin Soap, Sunflower Oil, Burdock Oil, Fenugreek Oil, Cetyl Esters, Cetyl Cocomide (derived from coconut oil), Shea Butter and FD&C Blue #2.

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