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Creame™ Wax - for Light Color Paint

Creame™ Wax - for Light Color Paint

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Protect your light or medium paint color creating a crystal bright shine with Zymöl Creame Wax. The only car wax formula perfected for light to medium color paints.

Creame comes with a Zymol Wax Applicator™ that fits perfectly in the top of the Patented Zymol container for safe, clean storage.


  • High Gloss Shine
  • Maximum Protection for Light and Medium Paint Colors
  • Factory Fresh, hand blended in small batches
  • 33% Yellow Carnauba by volume
  • Fresh Coconut and Banana Oils
  • Applicator Included

Safe for: All Paint Finishes, light to medium in color

A single container of Creame Wax is equal to 20 applications if applied properly.


Product Instructions

Wash and dry the car using Zymöl Clear™ Auto Bathe or Auto Wash.

HD-Cleanse the surface to assure 100% wax bonding.

Using the Zymöl Wax Applicator, apply a very amount of wax onto a 2ft x 2ft surface in an even coat with side-to-side motions.

Using a Zymöl Microwipe, with light pressure, slowly wipe the wax in the opposite direction once, affirming a uniform coverage. Wait for 20-30 seconds. With medium pressure, slowly rub the surface to set.

Turn your Microwipe and crystalize the wax to a deep shine. Let the wax cure for 30-45 minutes.

You must use Zymöl HD-Cleanse™ to remove old wax, tar, and stains before applying any Zymöl Waxes or Glazes; otherwise, they will not bond to the paint surface.

Zymöl Waxes are designed to provide maximum results with minimum product application. Apply very small amounts of Zymöl wax for each application.

Caution: Do not allow any Zymöl wax to entirely dry before wiping. You may apply several coats.

Store in the refrigerator. All waxes and glazes have an indefinite shelf life if stored properly.
For best results, allow the wax to warm to room temperature prior to use.


Item No.100 - 8 ounces - 226g in Zymöl Patented Self Sealing Container

What's Inside

Carnauba wax, Montan Oil, Coconut Oil, Banana Oil, Propolis (derived from bees), Cetyl Esters, Cetyl Cocamide (derived from coconut oil) and FD&C Blue #1. Contains 33% Brazilian and Florida No.1 Yellow Carnauba by volume.

Did You Know

Created with 33% Floridian and Brazilian yellow Carnauba with natural Coconut and Banana oils. This unique formula of Carnauba and fresh oils make the perfect combination to protect light paint colors without streaking or leaving a cloudy film.

Creame was the first Carnauba wax formula we ever produced. It became the inspiration for all Zymöl waxes and glazes.

The only change we have made to the formula in 45 years is a slight increase in the amount of Carnauba. This was needed after we monitored the Earth's rise in average temperature and environmental contaminants.

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