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Complete Kit™ - Everything for Your Car!

Complete Kit™ - Everything for Your Car!

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Choose a Wax or Glaze

Complete™ is the Gift kit that contains All of the Zymöl products you need to give any car its ultimate care.

You choose the wax or Glaze for the vehicle and all of the products will be shipped to you or your intended in a Heavy-Duty re-usable carrying case.

Get It All, Get Organized, Get or Give the Perfect Gift!

Only 7 Kits now Available!

Product Instructions

Instructions for the products included in the Complete™ kit can be viewed on the products individual page.


Item No. ZC-

What's Inside

Kit Includes:

Choice of Wax or Glaze
Field Glaze™
Detail™ wax
Horse Hair wheel brush (1)
Detail brush (1)
Wax applicators (2)
100% cotton towel (1)
Micro-Wipe™ (1)
Pre-wax applicators (2)

The hard case is made from durable 100% post-consumer plastics.

Did You Know

The most important protection you can provide for any automotive investment is maintaining its appearance with a planned regimen of finish care.

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