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Microwipe™ - Quad Axial Weave

Microwipe™ - Quad Axial Weave

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Microwipes™ are not created equal. Our Microwipe is the 21st Century alternative to a cotton towel. The ultra-lightweight, "rubber" (nylon +nytril) quad axial woven material repels dust and absorbs oils during application.

Additionally, our Microwipe’s microscopic ‘fingers’ allow you more time clean to your finish and prevent over-buffing which can be a significant source of hairline scratching.

Product Instructions

Microwipes should be washed in hot water with a small amount of mild, non-phosphate based laundry detergent.

Rinse the towels twice in hot water (removes all soap) and cool machine dry (no pollutant exposure) without any fabric softener.


Item No.ZMW101 - 40cm x 40cm

What's Inside

2 Microwipes per Package Ultra-lightweight, "rubber" (nylon +nytril) quad axial woven material

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