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Field Glaze™ - Concours Touchup Wax

Field Glaze™ - Concours Touchup Wax

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Field Glaze™ was developed for those times when your car needs a quick complete waxing, a touch-up between regular waxing or a simple way to remove fingerprints and road debris.

From daily driver to show car, Field Glaze is quick and easy to use and provides brilliant "just-waxed" results without alcohol or heavy silicone.

Start enjoying Field Glaze today, the spray wax Aston Martin uses at the factory.

    Product Instructions

    Shake Field Glaze™ well
    Spray evenly onto cool clean or lightly soiled surface
    Let stand for 5-10 seconds, then gently wipe clean with a Zymöl Microwipe™.

    Do not use on heavily soiled, oxidized, or porous finishes.

    Not for convertible tops, vinyl, or glass.


    Item No.1993 - 8 Ounces -226g in Zymöl Lockable Non-Drip Metered Spray Bottle

    What's Inside

    Carnauba Sap 21%, Triple Purified Spring Water, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Cetyl Cocoamide (derived from coconut oil), Propolis (derived from bees).

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