Is your Zymöl Fresh?

We have had many Customers complain in January, February and March about the consistency of our liquid products. After doing 4 months of manufacturing inspections and review of our tests and procedures we found the answer . . . un-controlled storage.

The Zymöl Cleaners and Conditioners use purified water as the mix base to create the emulsions needed to suspend Carnauba, Rice Bran Wax, Banana Oil, Coconut Oil and SiO2 polishing agents. (think Milk and Cream)

When our products reach 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 95 degrees Fahrenheit the plant oils and waxes (fats) fall out of suspension and cannot be mixed again by shaking the product.

Many Resellers do not have climate controlled storage environments and many more use third-party storage and shipment that are void of climate control.

If you order from the factory we do not ship orders on Friday's or during a mid week holiday because we cannot be sure the Shipper is not leaving our orders in a truck outside during freezing Winter or sweltering Summer days and nights.

When you buy Zymöl ask your Reseller if they are in control of the environment your products are in before and while they ship to you.

If you are sure they are controlled and safe then store them in a cool area at home as you would any perishable plant or fruit.


NOTE: Zymöl Waxes and Glazes require less than 87 degrees Fahrenheit. Please store them in very cool or refrigerated storage.