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Wash Caddy™ - Perfect Foundation

Wash Caddy™ - Perfect Foundation

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I would like to personally thank you for caring for your car, but more importantly the people you love. I have elected to produce a 'Pink' Wash Caddy to affirm and support the goal of the Susan G. Komen Foundation in their fight against Breast Cancer. As a woman, I am especially aware of the ongoing tragedy this disease creates and I am also aware it does not just affect women.

This is your opportunity to join us in washing out this disease forever.

Laura Robinson, President Zymöl

When you purchase our new Zymöl Wash Caddy™, we will donate 20% of the purchase price to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Let's work hard to find a cure for the disease that continues to take the ones we love!

Product Instructions

For use with Zymol Auto Wash, Zymol Titanium Wash and Zymol Clear see instructions on product bottles.


Bucket 12” x 15”
Sponge 9” x 4.5” x 2”

What's Inside

5 gallon bucket
Rip-Stop woven Nylon Pail Wrap
Zymol Sponge

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