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Solaris™ - Powered by the Sun - Refilled for Life

Solaris™ - Powered by the Sun - Refilled for Life

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Solaris™ Glaze is the only personal formula developed by the owner for the owner. This refillable-for-life, solar activated container comes with the necessary ingredients to produce a custom Glaze at any time.

Among the protective ingredients in Solaris are “Cherry Laurel’ evergreen, Honeydew, Olive, Coconut, Cantaloupe, and Sunflower Oils.

Solaris can contain up to 79 percent Brazilian No.1 White and Sap Carnauba, the highest in any product designed to protect automotive finishes.

Product Instructions

Upon request of owner.


20 Ounce Mix Cup in Lensed Pyramid Container

What's Inside

Custom Blend Solar Active Glaze Blended by You

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