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ION™ EV - Electric Vehicle Sealant Developed with Tesla

ION™ EV - Electric Vehicle Sealant Developed with Tesla

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Easy, simple, long lasting protection for all EVs (electric vehicles).

Zymöl ION™ self-propelled mist was developed with Tesla. This EV sealant applies in seconds.

Fights dirt and grime.

Brilliant, long-lasting, deep smooth shine.


Propellant Free.

No CO2.


Product Instructions

Wash and Dry your EV to give ION a clean surface to bond to.

Replace the cap on the ION charge bottle with the Atomizer Pump.

Shake the bottle.

Mist evenly and heavily in areas 2 foot by 2 foot then let ION bond to the surface.

Wipe and buff gently with the clean included Microwipe.

Repeat in areas possibly missed.


Kit with full Self Propelled Sprayer, full Refill, 2 Microwipes and complete simple instructions.

What's Inside

Positive Ionic Wax using a hydrogen-bonded Carnauba/Lotus wax emulsion.

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